Our primary goal at Olcott Beach Carousel Park is the safety and well-being of our Guests, Volunteers, and Employees.
In light of the new observations of COVID-19’s effect on children, the Olcott Beach Carousel Park (OBCP) will remain closed for the 2020 season.

We put much thought into the safety mechanisms that would be required to allow us to open safely, but came to the conclusion that opening the park would present a health risk to not only our older volunteers but also the young children who visit the park

We are aware of the disappointment this may cause, but in the interest of keeping everyone safe, we felt this was the only viable choice.

Please keep us in mind for the 2021 season by following us on Facebook or checking our website at www.olcottbeachcarouselpark.org.

Thank you for your understanding, and please stay safe.


Olcott Beach Carousel Park

On the south shore of Lake Ontario in N.Y. State, you’ll discover the quaint Hamlet of Olcott Beach. In the shadow of Olcott’s famous Lighthouse is a wonderful vintage amusement park. It features a 1928 style Hershell-Spillman two row carousel. Five vintage kiddie rides, and a wonderful 1931 Wurlitzer band organ. Come relive fond memories as your children and grandchildren scream in delight and giggle with laughter!

Non Profit Park

Olcott Beach Carousel Park, Inc. is a not-for profit corporation that was formed for the purpose of creating an historic amusement park reminiscent of the 1940-1950’s era. It is at 5979 Main Street Olcott at the site of the 1940’s Olcott Amusement park.

1940.s Rocket Swing Ride


The corporation is made up of volunteers from the community and Rosemary Sansone serves as its chairman. The volunteers devote countless hours toward developing and maintaining this vintage 1940’s kiddy theme park.


The original 1940’s carousel building was restored and furnished with a 1928 Hershell Spillman carousel. This carousel closely resembles the original carousel which was operated in the building from the 1940’s – 80’s. In addition to the carousel, the park has five vintage kiddy rides: a 1946 Allen Herschell Kiddy Auto / Fire Truck Ride (originally from Olcott), a 1940’s Allen Herschell Sky Fighter, a 1940’s Boat Ride, a 1950’s Rocket Swing Ride and a kiddy Ferris Wheel (originally located at the Whistle Pig in Niagara Falls). The cost per ride is 25 cents.

1928 Hershell Spillman Carousel

Features of the Park

Large murals are displayed in the two kiddie ride pavilions that feature scenes from Olcott Beach’s past. The park also has a 1931 Wurlitzer Band Organ and engraved brick pathways  A vintage arcade is housed in a reproduction of the historic Boeckmann Studio and seven skee ball machines are located in the east ride pavilion as well as rocking chairs.

Rustic Theater

The recently built Tom Kelley Rustic Theater is a replica of the Rustic Theater from the early 1900’s that was once located in nearby Krull Park. It is used for special events to entertain patrons.


1946 Allen Herschell Kiddy Auto / Fire Truck Ride

Volunteer at the Park

Anyone who would like to volunteer can call Rosemary Sansone (778-7066). Barb Colley (778-8284), or inquire at the ticket booth in Olcott Beach Carousel Park. 



1940’s Allen Herschell Sky Fighter

More Rides
 and Fun

25 cents to ride
Skee Ball
Restored Building in 2002
Restored Building in 2002
1940's Boat Ride
Ferris Wheel from Whistle Pig




For more information call (716) 778-7066 or (716) 778-8284